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of slogans raised by mobile

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rless growth, before the edge line.In many cases, it is hard to understand a variety of slogans raised by mobile phone brands, such dreams, such as fever, etc., if you do not belong to that group, you are very difficult to understand the charm, while riding through this, I really feel to-head this group targeted by the charm of the brand positioning itself well-head. Many brands are positioned in the young, when groups of young people in how to subdivide their own characteristics, is not an easy thing to do, through this event, I felt Huawei Terminal grasp on consumer location or school quickly becomes fast, accurate and tangible.Zhu Ping, president of Huawei Terminal China region, said in an interview, the third generation of the new conference-head why siting Qinghai Lake, is because young people are yearning for the Qinghai Lake bicycle ring. Meanwhile, the Central Bank of Qinghai Lake is also more prominent in the spirit of this young man, and what this spirit is it  Is never yield, never give up, nike free 3.0 v4 australiabarbaric growth, to the front edge line, adhere to the dream, positive, never give up, and enterprising. To-head is the custom for young and not as young customization, more emphasis on this type of population growth has a fearless spirit. Sometimes youth is a capital, I'm going to my favorite thing to fight for.Specially attended the event and participated in riding old young man, Huawei consumers BG CEO Yu Chengdong riding the course, said, Huawei's previous operator-based business, and later founded the consumer BG, for the public launch of the end product, which is A spirit of youthful brave front row. awn main face of young customers, the young brave sharpen the edge, so that the positioning of the spirit and life bloom-head matches, the former edge line growth also reflects Huawei's fearless spirit. Pollen Club: bearing trust, improve and spiritTo say that in the past few years, China's largest smart phone features I do not think what the phone itself, but the so-called fans economic operators. In China, fruit

powder, rice, pollen, pink and so on all kinds of music titles varied, almost every mobile phone manufacturers are operating in the so-called fans team, aimed at the brand influence then spread formation and operation of fans. It is said that sales of millet phone is based on the core fans squared multiplied by 10 to calculate. And now, the industry generally believe that millet doing business is the most set of fans.So, for Huawei, how to run their own nature is not a fan of the team talk about the topic. But fans do business easily, others can easily learn how to make their own characteristics is not an easy thing, or else there will not be so many vendors emotion millet fans do better.Zhu Ping said in an interview, said: Fans are also Huawei phones are part of our consumer or user, Huawei first to do so for these fans and our service users, or interact with their one, in this regard Huaweinike free 3.0 v5 australia system on the service, the communication done a lot of work from the second half of last year, Huawei has established a number of services in the provinces franchise stores, franchise stores not only built a very beautiful, into the future with free water, air conditioning, Internet, You can experience the new products can enjoy convenient, efficient and attentive service and experience and we hope to be able to use our attention to every mobile phone user or consumer groups. For the pollen itself, Zhu Ping said, We hope that fans not only recognized Huawei phones and services, but also hope the fans can be further recognized Huawei's some ideas, culture, recognized the company's growth, and even be able to grow together and improve together. Zhu Ping added:  objectively say that this will take some time, but also a great challenge, because it requires the ability to build peripheral industries, including some further enhance the soft power, we have been trying to do the work through the years, regardless of Huawei or glory In our joint efforts, fan groups, user groups have maintained relatively fast growth and we are very p

leased to see our fan base in proportion to continuously improve our users, which is used by our customers, who use it again,This form is no stranger to the caravan in China, a lot of cars, home appliances and even many manufacturers have used this form of public service activities and user close exchange and communication. For Huawei, the caravan is not just a mobile booth is confident its carrying mobile platform, history and culture.The first tour event to participate in such a close, I feel very excited. Originally thought that only on the Internet contact corporate culture, experience in selling products to the product type, in which the whole has been, and will become closer and more interesting, can Let us feel the passion of Huawei. consumers participate in the experience of the scene told reporters.More critical is that Huawei caravan Everywhere and local cultural forms are closely integrated, every one has different performances participation, quickly narrowed the distance and local consumers. There are also implanted in popular culture, such as sound and good cooperation so that Huawei can put a lot of familiar young musicians brought to the scene, making Huawei caravan Everywhere are quickly gathered popularity, but also through popular gathering will Huawei Terminal presented to the consumer. For example, this time in Qinghai caravan show, not only has the nike free 4.0 v2 womens salepopular combination of Tibetan music, sound good players last year, more mushrooms brother and Zhang Heng Yuan scene to help out, causing no small scream.Huawei's unique Optimus Prime caravan, setting the brand history wall, interactive experience multiple exhibition areas, Huawei's Gate, product set praise zones, including interactive experience area attract many people to participate. Consumers can not only try to experience Huawei in the terminal area of ??the full range of products, including mobile phones, pad, accessories, wearable devices, video conferencing systems, etc., can experience 3D camera, 4G and other fun interactive links. P7, Mate

want to become bigger and stronger

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e GIF image, simply straightforward to do a placement. But perhaps this is the moment of Chinese-style Vanity Fair bucket challenge, it automatically labeled localization Romans entrepreneur label.But in any case, ice bucket challenge on social networks to spread the virus type, but does have a good charity congregation raise genes. Chinese-style ice bucket worth mentioning, the tendency for civilian charity bucket by Vanity Fair evolution worth mentioning, we see new trends raise public charity, and how they can be fixed on a social networking site for fun and charity in this respect has more imagination space.All along, the industry could create a second terminal Huawei Huawei myth veiled criticism, many skeptics have said that Huawei gene, said Huawei for operators hundreds of customers can be extreme, but in the face of hundreds of millions of consumers When you can not adapt to consumer demand. Huawei has said in the past to make mobile phones, mainly relying on operators to customize channels, although large shipments, but margins are thin, you want to become bigger and stronger in open channels is difficult, the channel is hard to chew on bones Huawei under. Have said the brand, said so far there are few Chinese nike free 5.0 v4 running shoescompanies could become the world's leading brands in the consumer electronics field, and therefore do not sell Huawei phones destined good price.In short, the argument is similar to flooding in the China Cool Alliance These Chinese companies who, it seems that Apple, Samsung, Sony these companies will always be unable to climb the peak. However, we see once a seat heights such as Nokia, Motorola have fallen. Now can not say that these companies are Samsung and Apple defeat, or be defeated Chinese enterprises, but an indisputable fact is that confidence only dare to climb, but not in the past did not climb the peak.Precisely because of this, since 2010, Huawei established after BG consumer business, I've seen all Huawei everyone with great enthusiasm and a certain attitude to succeed into this new b

attlefield. Although some people are doing before they boring wireless business, even though their development engineers too rigid, even though their marketing staff scratching their heads, even though their channels officers thwarted at every turn, but all in just more than three years in one by one to resolve, in return is rising sales, rising number of sales, and improve product quality, and improve brand awareness. This rate continues rising, Huawei Terminal will come to that point  The world's third, second or first Similar problems fifteen years ago I started going to the line, Huawei also heard people tell too, and now Huawei business operators have been able and former Big Brother Ericsson neck and neck.Perhaps you will say, Huawei operator business is ups and downs over the decades, the growth of Huawei Terminal impossible to smooth down.These words are true, but Love is hard work over the past few business operators have accumulated a lot of experience, which, although not for the nike free 5.0 cheapsame customer base, product demand is not the same, but some of the basic principles of Huawei's work is applicable The. This is where I think there are four very important that dare to invest, learn quickly, becoming faster, stick too close!In fact, in 2014 the Chinese smart phone market is already bloody, the top five manufacturers in the play almost synchronous, fight 4G, cloth channel, brand, show fans, tapping the Internet, marketing and service sink and so on, you can hardly hear from someone different gameplay, different is their starting point and can be integrated resources, which ultimately is to consider the execution team!August 15, the reporter went to Qinghai attended a Huawei Terminal OK practice to say - Huawei mobile phone brands Tour series of activities, which is by Huawei caravan tour, a joint new conference and the composition of the lake riding activities a combination of marketing, with the local consumers, pollen, and staff from around the world to participate in Huawei caravan tour cordial exchange, le

t me deeply feel the essence of the previously mentioned points Huawei.Maimang New: bearer personality, growth and philosophyThis is probably my last few years have participated in the most simple new conference, the caravan is a stage, no PPT, no product introduction, some caused by fearless video, some caused by reflections of youth, they announced the end of a conference. The so-head C199 was able to release because before the two-to-head product A199, B199 has been marked with a deep imprint in the young consumer groups, new product only to be told that, in the fearless front line, to-head always accompanied!In Qinghai Lake cycling riding activities --- edge new conference after the end of the direct action is a manifestation of the brand appeal. More than 150 cycling enthusiasts from across the conference site in West Town starting way Erhai Lake, Black River, Bird Island, Golden Sand Prairie and other places, which lasted three days.Target group is defined to-head for the young family, they partly newcomers entering the workplace, full of passion in the heart and the hustle and bustle; not follow the crowd, have their own unique qualities; they are not eye-catching in the crowd, but exudes personality and nike roshe run australia saletemperament. They are an ideal part of aspiring students have a strong ambition, daring, persistence, fearlessly grow; they all look the transformation from students to white-collar workers; they have a lot of ideals, the only can do is insist on Like! This cycling event is a passion for young people, the idea of ??growth, the best interpretation is also the brand concept.Is pleased to participate in this group of reporters half ride, as a young man no longer young, so I feel in riding challenge myself to be faced, and in continuous self-fueling, I deeply felt defined-head young attitude towards life. As a 70, so I think the glory slogan Huawei Terminal sub-brands: courage to do yourself. Yes, when faced with challenges after 70 should be brave to do yourself. The younger group-to-head against, want is fea

spread of power across borders

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ar video to count Microsoft founder Bill Gates, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and Apple CEO Cook's wet body appearance, Bill Gates was named after his return wet body show very carefully designed a bracket, and then poured into ice water, happy to stay Meng. And starting from August 17, came to China, the first in China to participate in this challenge is the IT sector. Lei Jun, chairman of millet was the first to be named Ice Bucket Challenge Chinese entrepreneurs, turned his brand is the Russian Internet investment company DLT's CEO Yuri Milner.The charity relay a simple game, and achieved great results. In bigwigs wet body trembling smile, a warm strength of the most charitable American P-type value. 2014 July 29 to August 18, Ice Bucket Challenge heat continues to heat up, as the ALS Association, an increase of more than thirty thousand new donors, along with previous donations to the ALS Association, brought a total of $ 15.6 million in donations, far more than $ 1.8 million last year, nike flyknit trainer for salewhile segment.Celebrities spread of power across borders territory. Ice Bucket Challenge in the United States spread to almost the same time popular in England, especially in the sports world. Premiership players are all held shower head barrel, having all the fun. Manchester United star Darren Fletcher gastrointestinal disorders trapped for three years, he was suicide after the ice bucket, challenging his former Manchester United team-mate C Lo. C Lo in Madrid, then only with an underwear fight, they began to challenge Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, the film and television stars.People on social networks wild brush bucket challenge the Western world video, however, since the bucket entered the borders of the moment, people have to watch ice bucket challenges Europe and its charitable inspire positive energy heat waves, quietly transformed into Chinese-style charity Self-show or China Charity speculation Vanity Fair hot. Many people even in the micro-Bo conclusively predict is likely to become a Amway taste strong marketing show.

Perhaps this reflects the public is currently the most intuitive favorability and acceptance of Chinese-style charity, people are worried that a charitable purpose is to raise funds for ALS and called Charity Relay social concerns into the country will not sour.When the domestic technology sector have been named on the occasion, the first time users will have put in an ice bucket show hype is much larger than the domestic public-criticism. Just accept the challenge bucket of potatoes Youku CEO Victor Koo this is actually very calm, he said he accepted the challenge ice bucket is completely voluntary. I think with a fun way to contribute to a good charity.I believe that the domestic ice bucket Gangster accept the challenge in mind are also good, but objectively, we all made a contribution to charity, what is wrong  After the completion of the ice bucket Koo challenge named Alibaba chairman Ma , Enlight Media (21.460, -0.39, -1.78%) CEO Wang Changtian and Tudou CEO Yang Weidong. I accept the challenge is to live in the ice bucket August 17 potato image section. I named three individuals were Ma, Wang Changtian adidas spring blade cheapand Yang Weidong (Tudou CEO).Point Ma because he was the first name jumped out in my mind, the point of a sector chiefs, I think we are doing culture and entertainment industry, should also be a point of this circle of people, so the point of light media Wang Changtian, The last point I would like to not only alibi, because Yang Weidong at the scene, so I ordered him. Koo said the charity itself or whether it is such a new and interesting forms of both are concerned about him, I do not think that only 'tragic' to do charity, humor, entertaining way can do. 360 Chairman Zhou is named for the first time after receiving a response in the IT sector heavyweights microblogging ice bucket challenges. He later wet body, joked: For us it is a certain amount of Internet companies, should not be expanded, impetuous, so give yourself splash splash of ice water, but for entrepreneurs, I am opposed to them t

hrowing ice water, I suggest that they be directly poured boiling water. Zhou subsequently named it real funds Xu Xiaoping, Zhang and Huang Meizu Tencent Ma.Perhaps in charity, and its trafficking tragic, it is better to create happiness. China has a long tradition of charitable donations mostly tragic story to begin with, fundraising sum suffering companions, but in fact not always need to be preached to push people to join the charity, unfortunately, at least it should not be the only charitable way. In many cases, the traditional style of Sadness charity formed a strong interpersonal polarization contrast, excellent helper and the poor are invisible giver is placed in the two extremes. But equal gene internet social media have changed the rendering recipients suffering just blindly charitable gaming rules, but also to public service has become more acceptable.We can say that ice bucket challenge is open, equality, cooperation, sharing, the spirit of the Internet innovative applications in the field of charity. Activities designed by the rules, the more rigid the original charity turned into a rare disease spread knowledge of the game. From charity trend developed, in addition to the traditional lives of the poor of the traditional model of philanthropy, the Foundation Silicon nike roshe run cheapValley high-tech backgrounds represented charities also explore solutions to some deep-seated social problems.In addition, the video on Vanity Fair who had ice water thrown mental itch people, finally let this spread through social networks in the form of ordinary people, and eventually evolved into civilian charity. Globalization, social networks allow the charity to maximize the spread of the least cost.Maybe cause people to worry about ice bucket after entering China Vanity Fair taste, from accepting many IT chiefs named not as throwing buckets of ice water in their own backyard, like Bill Gates and Zuckerberg then upload the bin, but invited the media group Watch the scene to help out, and some even put the brand LOGO and SLOGAN on th

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